Virtual Health Fair Portal

A Health Fair Experience Like Never Before!
We Have Taken 25 Years of Success in Engaging, Educating and Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Employees and Packaged it all Online!

Choose a Virtual Health Fair, a Wellness Week, or Year-Round Online Programming.

Our Clients

We do not need the reputation of our clients to gain us business.
We earn our business on our own merit and we keep our clients through high-quality products and services.

What We Do

Health Fairs Direct offers fully integrated Hybrid Events. A hybrid event is a combination of in-person events accompanied by virtual wellness services. For the first time you can include all of your employees in an interactive health and wellness experience. Health Fairs Direct’s has been a leader in the industry for over 24 years. which makes us the perfect partner in moving into the next generation of corporate health and wellness.

Our Features

Mini challenges which can be completed in a day or over the course of the week starting from the date of your event.

Explore an informational library & links to other interactive health pages and online assessments

Have the ability to talk live with our professional experts regarding new information.

Online video library related to the sectors of our health, wellness and challenges.

What is the Importance of Hosting a Health Fair?

There can’t be enough said about the value of bringing a variety of health and wellness services directly to employees in a setting that they are comfortable with. Health Fairs engage employees and challenge them to take a fresh look at their health and wellbeing in a way that is non-threatening and solution oriented. If done correctly, your employees will have fun, experience new solutions and leave encouraged to take additional steps for better health and wellbeing. Companies benefit from happier, healthier, and more productive employees, many of whom will be thankful to their employer for the opportunity to take better care of themselves and their families.
What we create at Health Fairs Direct is improved quality of life. And if done correctly, health fairs are a vital part of this process.

Virtual Wellness Webinars and Activities

We have added even more options to engage employees and give them the solutions they need during these trying times. Our new online wellness event catalog has 96 options to choose from. We made sure there is something for everyone.

You can choose a single event, a 1-day virtual health fair, a wellness week, a wellness month, weekly classes for a quarter, or a full year's worth of continual health, wellness, and wellbeing programming.

We have every topic covered so you do not have to sacrifice a segment of wellness for the convenience of outsourcing the work.


Healthy eating is easy to understand once you have all the basics. Gaining understanding on healthy eating is a life hack for everyone.


Discover for yourself how to manage stress, think positively and love yourself. Discover how to keep your mind healthy by handling these 3 key factors in wellbeing.


How to bring health and wellness into your daily life.


An exploration of common health, illness, and weight loss topics.


Examine workplace wellness and keeping employees happy and productive at work.

Fitness Classes

Fun and interactive fitness classes that you can do from home/work.

Cooking Classes

These classes take place live in our virtual kitchen and participants can cook along with us or simply watch and learn for later.

Social Events

Step outside the norm and create a little fun and excitement!

Health Coaching

These sessions provide a virtual certified health coach or personal trainer.

What is an Employee Wellness Channel?

Wellness Programing Running Every Week for 50 weeks a year!

Yes, that is not a typo. Health Fairs Direct is now providing a subscription based virtual wellness experience at an incredible price.

  • Employee’s privacy is maintained
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Content varies from week to week
  • A large variety of presentations, classes, and social events
  • Choose from 1 month, quarterly or annual programs

Why Go Virtual?

Our workplaces have changed, and the role of virtual employees is only going to increase in the years to come. We need to engage our entire workforce no matter where they are.

With this change, Virtual Health and Wellness is a necessary addition to every wellness program. Virtual will never be able to provide more impact than in-person onsite events. However, virtual wellness done right is a very cost-effective way to include your entire workforce and their families in your wellness program. It is a cost saving approach with so many benefits for remote employees and smaller offices.

Learn How Virtual Health Fair Portal Can Help Your Company